Over 65 years of compassionately helping people.


Whether you are feeling a little, or a lot, overwhelmed or emotionally upset, Recovery Inc. of Kentucky is ready to help. Our organization provides help and support at no charge to anyone suffering from mental or emotional distress.

We are interested in how you are doing today and how we can help you get through your day as comfortably as possible. The goal of our organization is to teach you how to cope, not only with your symptoms that many times arrive spontaneously, but also with situations that may produce symptoms. Members learn skills that strengthen and empower them to live, not just exist.

People have been attending our program since we were founded in the 1950s and have benefited greatly from our common sense mental health rules and tools which they learned to embrace and practice.

Recovery has given me my life back.”


Recovery is a fellowship of men and women who have mental or emotional symptoms. We offer an atmosphere of understanding and mutual support. Members get strength and encouragement from the group. For some, the Recovery program is the only therapy they use. For others, it is a supplement to professional treatment and/or medication.

Self-help Cognitive Behavioral Therapy recognizes that our thoughts about a situation, either secure or insecure, determine our response to it.

When our thoughts are either angry or fearful, we develop unpleasant feelings and symptoms (both emotional and physical). Recovery teaches that the two things we can control are our thoughts and our muscles (actions).

Changing our thoughts from negative (insecure) to positive (secure) is something we can all learn to do. Controlling our muscles either to act or be still is another skill we can learn.

On the other hand, symptoms and feelings cannot be controlled and must run their course.

Recovery teaches you to be self-aware and self-motivated. Recovery helps you acquire better mental and emotional health through practicing “will-training”, which is not to be confused with “will-power”. Anyone who has ever been told to “just get over it”, or “just pull yourself together”, knows this is not at all helpful, no matter how well-meaning the advice giver.