Our Meetings

Our Self-Help Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is built on learning and applying the Recovery rules. Each meeting is facilitated by a long-time member of Recovery who has been trained as a leader.

Meetings are structured, and we begin by reading a chapter from one of our books, then each member is given an opportunity to describe a recent experience that prompted fearful or angry reactions and how they responded to it by applying or failing to apply Recovery rules. Then the others in the group give that member an endorsement (a pat on the back).

If the member tried but failed to apply any rules, they still get a pat on the back for their effort. We only endorse, never condemn. This part of the meeting usually last an hour or a little less.

Following the meeting, anyone who wishes can stay and share personal experiences and concerns with the support group in order to get help and support. Remember, what is said here stays here. Anonymity is an important part of our program.

Attendance is voluntary. The only thing you have to lose is your suffering.

Members discover us on their own or are referred by doctors or friends. Again, we employ no professionals. This is strictly a self-help support group.

Recovery was my lifeline to experiencing a normal life, both professionally and personally.”

You’re invited to join any of our meetings. We meet four mornings a week and one evening. Most of our meetings are held at the Clubhouse at 2022 Bonnycastle Ave. Doors open about 10 minutes ahead of time. On the third Thursday of each month, members are invited to stay after the meeting and share a meal. Relatives and friends are also welcome to attend this luncheon. You may bring a dish, but this is strictly voluntary. We always have plenty of food for everyone.

For more information about the program, our meetings and support groups, or how you can become involved, please contact us!